Shopping guide! 5 best places to buy electronics in Dubai

Electronics make life easier. In reality, technology has become a need for our way of life. Electronic things may enthrall techies of all ages, whether you use them to better your house, improve your health, or simply have fun. People are constantly searching for discounts on devices.

Numerous leading consumer electronics companies operate stores in Dubai because it is a “shopper’s paradise.” Therefore, this city has a lot to offer, whether you want to do some budget shopping or take advantage of the enormous discounts at the Dubai Shopping Festival. Do you need to buy televisions, refrigerators, or gaming equipment in Dubai? We conducted all the research necessary to compile this list of the top electronic stores in Dubai. Have a look.

Lulu Hypermarket

One of the major companies in the industry is LuLu Hypermarket, the retail arm of LuLu Group International, which has 174 outlets in the Gulf. Customers can choose from a wide variety of electrical products, including televisions, audio equipment, mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, wearable technology, and gaming consoles.

LuLu Hypermarket has established over time that its online services are among the most effective in the UAE. A fantastic approach to purchase an electronic device at a discount is through their daily specials. Products with discounts of up to 33% are available. You should definitely check out LuLu if you’re looking to buy inexpensive electronics in Dubai. Numerous LuLu locations can be found all around Dubai, and the company’s devoted clientele rates it as the best place to buy gadgets in the city.

Sharaf DG

With numerous locations open in four nations, Sharaf DG is one of the most well-known companies in the Middle East. It is renowned for being among Dubai’s top electronics retailers. Sharaf DG offers a variety of products, including wearables, smartwatches, home appliances, computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions, video and audio equipment, gaming, cameras, camcorders, and MacBooks. Despite the enormous amount of sales, all the premium brands are consistently offered. Additionally, you can take advantage of exclusive savings by joining DG. Additionally, make sure to visit their website because you can find a great offer there.


Emax, which was founded in 2006, is well-known throughout the Middle East. It has more than 30 locations across three nations. Nearly 800 brands and 100,000 goods are all housed under one roof at Emax stores in Dubai. There are many options available, including laptops, tablets, air conditioners, household appliances, fans and air coolers, cameras, gaming devices, drones and robotics, printers and monitors, projectors, mobile and computer accessories, smart home products, and musical instruments. The “Offer Of The Day” section of Emax’s website is where you can locate the best electronics bargains in Dubai.

Virgin Megastore

The brand Virgin is well-known all across the world. All the top brands are available in the electronics section of the Virgin Megastore in Dubai. Headphones and audio, mobile phones and accessories, laptops and accessories, health and fitness, smart homes, drones and toys, photography, tablets and accessories are among the products available in this area.

You can accrue points through purchases with the Virgin Circle Dots and use them later. To guarantee that you receive your preferred products as soon as they reach the warehouse, you can pre-order them. Additionally, you may use the 0% instalment plan if your bank is a Virgin Partner. One of the greatest places in Dubai to buy electronics and get the most for your money is at Virgin Megastores.


One of the biggest grocery chains in the world is called Carrefour. It has been in business in the UAE since 1995 and has established a name for its discount rates and sales. Many people think of it as the best place in Dubai to buy electronics. You can get batteries, gadgets, cameras, camcorders, home appliances, home theatre and audio goods, home phones, laptops, PCs, and accessories through an electronics-specific section. You can shop at Carrefour locations or online. You may find some inexpensive electronics buys thanks to store promotions.

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