Visiting Dubai alone? Top 5 places where you can pass your day

Dubai is probably one of the most highly coveted tourist places of the world. Not only for its skyscrapers, Dubai is also loved for its ancient culture and rich legacy. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, then don’t forget to check out these places mentioned below.

Museum of the Future

This ‘living museum,’ which combines aspects of classical exhibition, visually stunning theatre, and themed entertainment venues, is one of Dubai’s most well-known landmarks. It uncovers how society may transform in the near future. The museum looks beyond the moment to the limitless potential of the futures in a variety of fields, such as space exploration, climate change, and biodiversity. In this place, you may see the world’s most innovative ideas, prototypes, and discoveries.

Infinity des Lumières

Infinity des Lumières, the Middle East’s most interactive digital art space, brings modern art to life with 130 screens, 58 speakers, and an amazing 3,000 HD computerized motion visuals. Visitors will be immersed into a realm where they will be able to admire living, moving art. Presentations from acclaimed Dutch painter Van Gogh, Japanese painters such as Hokusai, and a portal into the universe by Thomas Vanz will all run in parallel through the gallery, enthralling your senses.

Mushrif National Park bike trail

Mushrif National Park has 20 kilometres of mountain bike tracks that weave their way through the forest, making it Dubai’s newest cycling hotspot. This is the first course of its kind in Dubai, and it is only the first phase, while a 30 kilometres route will open soon. There are several paths with varied degrees of difficulty from beginners to experienced bicyclists, and they’ve been intended to serve up to 3,000 bikers each day.

Deira Islands

Deira Islands, a man-made island chain titled after the Dubai neighbourhood after which it is named, spans 15.3 square kilometres and is made up of four isles. The mixed-use area is noted for its fam hotels, marinas, and shopping pleasures, and it adds 21 kilometres of gorgeous oceanfront to the city’s highly desirable shoreline.

Deira Islands is readily accessible via the mainland both by road and sea, and several landmarks, including ancient souks, are all within arm’s access.

The Club at Palm West Beach

This newest coastal leisure attraction will eventually feature nine exclusive designs with private pools, access to the beach, and shoreside food and wine, and will open in phases. The Club’s unique style blends the ecological landscape, creating blissful and soul-refreshing areas for quintessential relaxation and customised culinary delights.

It is located on a prime stretch of Palm West Beach. SAN is one among the first ideas to open, offering spellbinding African beats and flavours.

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