Dubai is calling Adventure lovers; Try these 7 Adrenaline rushing adventures in Dubai

Are you an adventuresome person? Then, how can you just resist exploring thrill and adventure in Dubai. The most adventurous city of United Arab Emirates(UAE), Dubai should definitely be the part of your bucket list.

Besides, being one of the best holiday destinations of the world, Dubai is quite a lot thrilling for those who are intrepid and daring. So in order to make it easier for you, from where to start, here we have listed few adventure sports which you must definitely experience, if you are a thrill seeker and if you are in Dubai.


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Skydiving being among the most action-packed adventures of Dubai,is not only enjoyed by the tourists but also by the locals. Here you have to jump from the height of approx. 4000 meters, where you can actually feel like a superhero!!! Interesting, isn’t it?

Skydiving in Dubai becomes even more exciting as it gives you a bird’s eye view of the Dubai skyline as well as the best view of masterpiece buildings like Burj Al Arab and none other than, Burj Khalifa.

Water Jet Pack Experience

Though there are several extreme sports in Dubai to experience, but water Jetpack is one of its kind. Water Jetpack will surely give you a hair-raising experience. You know what! Water Jetpack which you might have viewed in various movies is no more exclusive only for movies, but you too can experience it in Dubai. It is the part of hydro sports in which your entire body weight is carried up to a saddle. At first you may feel uncomfortable with this adventure sport, but it will soon captivate you and will become a thrilling one for you.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping can never be left aside when it comes to adventure sports. Also, if you are a true adventuresome person, then without Bungee Jumping, your daredevil experience of Dubai will undoubtedly be incomplete. Nothing can be more thrilling than being thrown down from soaring heights.

If it would be your first time with Bungee Jumping, then it might fear you. But no worries! You can also do this along with your family, friends or also with an expert. Bungee Jumping when done in group or with any partner, then it is termed as Tandem Jumping. Dubai Gravity Zone is the place where you can enjoy this goose-bumping adventure sport.

Shark Diving

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The name of this adventure is itself frightening, isn’t it? For so long you might have seen sharks mainly in movies and cartoons, but it can be a reality for you now with Shark Diving. This adventure sport will definitely hasten thumping of your heart, when you will catch sight of a living shark, right in front of you. Also not only sharks, but various other marine species will also surround you. This is the reason why, Dubai mall is a cynosurefor all adventure lovers, because Dubai mall has an aquarium, where you can aggrandise your diving experiencewith sharks and other marine species. But, it is to be noted that you must be ten years and above for enjoying this thrilling experience. Thus, it is one of the most extreme and a daredevil sport in Dubai.


This adventure is exclusive only for some places, Dubai is one among them. Trust me, if you really love adventure from the very core of your heart then go for it! Ziplining ensues at a normal speed of 60-70 km/hour, where a string is attached to the ground from a height of approximately 1,800 feet. This adventure takes barely few minutes, but this experience will be an unforgettable one for you.

To enjoy the zip lining, you have to enroll on the official site of the designers or creators, XDubai or their official Facebook page.

Randomly, they pick any 30 fortunate people who actually get a chance of experiencing this unbeatable extreme sport. The minimum requirement of age is ten years, also you must fulfil the minimum height criteria which is 130cm.

Desert Safari

When we think of Dubai, desert is inevitable. If you want to have a true experience of Desert Safari, then Dubai is your perfect place for enjoying classic Desert Safari. Drive through golden sand, and  get a roller coaster ride in Dubai Deserts.

Seabreacher Ride

How about a Seabreacher ride in Dubai? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? For all you adventure lovers out there, Seabreacher rides could also be a potential option for you. Riding in a shark-shaped watercraft is quite fascinating. Also it is to be noted that, this is not like a normal ride on the surface of water, but it will also take you, underwater, making you feel like a real living shark.

This watercraft is can float with a speed of 80 Km/hr when on water surface and can dive upto 5 to 6 feet inside the water with 35/40 km/hr speed.

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