Experience Marine Biodiversity: Visit This Aquarium of Dubai, which is also World’s Largest Underwater Zoo

Dubai has a long list for you, so it would be better that you plan a lengthy stay here, if you wish to explore Dubai in real sense. One more adventure for you to experience is Dubai’s largest suspended aquarium in the world, amazing isn’t? This underwater zoo or aquarium is situated in Dubai Mall. Gigantic aquarium hosts thousands of aquatic as well as marine species which dwell in seas, and cannot be seen elsewhere in the world.

It is more of a crowd pleaser due to its largest viewing panel which further enhances your experience in this underwater zoo. Also it has one of the largest tanks in the world. You enjoy the incredible view of underwater domain  which is a combination of more than thirty thousand sea species or creatures of the deep. This place is worth spending your money and time, especially for children, because besides an excursion, it can be very much knowledgeable for them.

The main aquarium tank is 51 m in length, approx. 20 m in depth and 11 m in height. The Guinness World Records-winner acrylic panel in front of the tank offers an astonishing viewing for people from all of the three levels of Dubai Mall. The 48 m walk-through tunnel offers 270-degree views from 11 m below the surface of the tank.

Further, this elephantine aquarium holds the largest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world. You can also enjoy shark diving, riding on a glass bottom boat as well as a night safari, here in underwater zoo.

The Underwater Zoo is located on level two, just on the aquarium tank, and it also showcases amazing creatures which can survive both in rivers as well as  oceans. The zoo takes you through three ecological zones—first is Rainforest, then Living Ocean and last Rocky Shore.

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Some aquatic creatures of particular interest are are piranha, otters, caiman crocodiles, Humboldt penguins, giant spider crabs, lionfish, garden eels, seahorses, water rats, arapaima, archerfish, nautilus, cichlids and amazing aquatic animals in 40 individual aquatic displays.

You might have to pay some extra amount, if you would take a glass boat ride in addition to your entry ticket. Rides are available in very 10 to 20 minutes, and has capacity of accommodating 10 people in one boat.

A walk through the ‘Rainforest’ at the Underwater Zoo will make you feel like walking along the banks of a pristine riverbed, surrounded by most phenomenal freshwater animals. The murderous piranha, frisky otters, huge catfish, and water rats are just few to name, but you will see alot more there in Rainforest at Underwater Zoo. The ‘Rocky Shore’ in the zoo, will give you the feel of sea beaches where land meets water.

Enjoy diving in this underwater zoo, but pre-requisite is to be a PADI certified diver. For this certification you have to enroll yourself for a 2-day scuba diver training course, this will be a beginners level course. And on completion of this training you become an internationally recognised PADI certified diver, and this certification holds a lifetime validation.

For Aquarium Tunnel, the entry fee is around DH25 for adult and DH20 for a child. Besides, the admission fee for Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater Zoo is DH50. The timings for both the Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo are between 10am and 10pm on Sunday to Wednesday, and between 10am and 12am on Thursday to Saturday.


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