Try these 5 Arabic Desserts in Dubai

Are you interested in experiencing the true taste of Dubai?? Do you love traditional and classical dishes?? Then this one is for you. It’s time that now you pamper your taste buds, with delicious desserts of Dubai. If you really crave for some sweet indulgences, then you must surely try these desserts of Dubai. Below, we have mentioned a list of some renowned and mouth-watering sweet delicacies, that you must definitely try if you are in Dubai.


Commonly this dessert is also known as ‘Knafeh’, the origin of this dessert is attributable to many different countries of the Arab world. Orange and yellow in appearance, this sweet dish is made with noodle-like pastry or semolina strands. Further, it is dipped and soaked in sugar syrup, and a filling made of cheese is added into it. You can find different variations of this dessert, like it may contain cream cheese or mozzarella cheese. This mouth-watering delicacy is one of the world’s most famous one among the Arab/Turkish desserts. It is also garnished with dried nuts and fruits, thus adding more flavours to it.


These delectable brown dumplings are deep-fried and then they are plunged into date syrup and and finally topped with sesame seeds. This sweet is well liked by the locals of Dubai, these crunchy and crispy sweet balls are mouth melting on the inside. On the outside they are little hard, but once you take a bite, a soft mash will fill your mouth. Lugaimat is mostly prepared by Bedouin women in round deep pans. They make 30 – 50 pieces in one go. Lugaimat is usually garnished with icing sugar, nutella, or honey. 

Oumm Ali

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This dessert you will commonly see as a part of weddings menu. There is an interesting story attached to this Egyptian delicacy. Affectionately called as the mother of Ali, “Oumm Ali” was a rival of the ruler’s wife. The ruler’s wife dictated Oumm Ali’s death, and then for celebrating her death, she ordered that this dessert must be prepared and distributed all around in Egypt. This is how such a toothsome sweet came into existence. It is a beautifully crafted milky dessert, which consists of pastry, milk, cream, and lots of nuts.


These tasty bites are made in Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and even the United Arab Emirates. Basbousa is small square bars covered in semolina and pastry. This dessert has flavours of coconut and saffron in it. They are also popular in the name of Hereessa, in areas of Egypt. It somewhat seems to be like, vanilla cakes, but the texture and taste of this sweet is unique taste and texture of the sweet are very similar to vanilla cakes. They are spongy on the outside and crusty inside.


This dish date its origin to the Ottoman empire. It is also found in numerous parts of Europe like in Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Further, you can also find this dessert in different areas of Levant and Middle East. This world famous Arabian dessert has its own unique taste as well as sweetness in each and every bite. Baklavas are small cute canopies sized sweet dish topped with nuts.


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