Dubai has some Delectable Cuisines for Offering to Non-veg lovers

Are you planning your trip to Dubai, and you are a foodie? Then Dubai has a lot to offer you. If you are in Dubai or planning to visit Dubai then, definitely don’t miss out to taste the uniqueness of Dubai’s delicacies. Every country, has it’s own distinct taste, and so does Dubai has. Especially, if you love non vegetarian food and want to try something new then Dubai is the place for you. Traditional food of Dubai has it’s own history, this food is full of flavours. Food of Dubai will be an ecstasy for your taste buds.

So for making it easier for you, we have listed some of the best picks from Dubai’s delicacies. This may be of some help to you, incase you are confused, from where to start.

Al Harees


Al Harees is a very popular dish of Dubai which has it’s own exceptional taste. It is made with meat and flour.  Though it may appear very easy to prepare this dish but, it takes a lot of time and patience for best results. Al Harees is mainly prepared during special occasions like Ramadan, Wedding and Eid. Flour and meat are cooked in boiling water with salt until the two combine to form a paste.  After this, it is cooked overnight in an earthen pot. You can also use other spices to enhance the flavour. While serving Al Harees, a lot of ghee is poured on its top.


I think… Shawarma needs no introduction! This dish is popular not only in Dubai but in most of the Asian countries. Different varieties of shawarmas are prepared using chicken and lamb. Different places have different ways of preparing and serving it. Some common accompaniments served along with shawarma are garlic sauce, pickles, fries, tomatoes, they are wrapped in roti together with chicken or lamb. These delicious shawarma wraps are full of flavourful juices. At some places they are also served with a fruit drink made out of strawberries and bananas.

Al Machboos

This dish is prepared with rice, meat, onions and dried lemon. Locals they just love eating it, hence, it is quite more popular in Dubai. All the ingredients of the dish are mixed together and cooked in boiling water and spices and salt are also added to taste. The meat remains separate, the rest gets cooked together.

Whole Stuffed Camel

Stuffed Camel is one of the sumptuous dishes of Dubai which has been even named in the Guinness Book of World Records. Mostly this dish prepared in weddings, and mainly served to royal families. The method of cooking it is also quite unique. A whole camel is roasted with one lamb, 20 chicken, boiled eggs, fish and rice. Those who eat it say that it is very tasty and such a dish is not found anywhere else in the world.

Lahm bi Ajeen

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Lahm bi Ajeen which is more common as ‘Arabic Pizza’, and it also has another name as ‘Manakish’. It is basically a flavourful flat bread topped with the mince of spicy ground meat.

It appears to be somewhat like pizza. But unlike pizza, here the base tomato sauce is mixed with the ground meat and then it is spread over the base. Also, we do not use cheese on top like we do in pizza. Cheese is skipped in Arabic Pizza.

It’s extraordinary taste is due to some intensely flavourful ingredients which are added to it, like pomegranate molasses, parsley, and peppers. Pomegranate molasses adds a lovely sweet and sour flavour to ground beef. Actually, the flavour of the molasses is the true secret behind an exceptional taste of the recipe and simply it can’t be substituted.


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