A City Inside Water: If You Are In Dubai Then You Must Experience The Deepest Pool In The World

The world’s deepest swimming pool, Deep Dive is located in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai. Its depth is 60.02 meters and contains 14 million litres of water. Guinness World Records has verified it as the deepest pool in the world. Notably, the size of this swimming pool is equivalent to six Olympic-sized swimming pools. The shape of the pool is shaped like a giant oyster, in line with the pearl diving heritage of the UAE. The size of this pool is 1,500 sq.m.

Special focus on hygiene

The water in this pool is filtered every 6 hours using siliceous volcanic rock technology developed by NASA. Apart from this, UV rays are used to clean the pool water faster. The temperature of the pool water is not allowed to exceed 30 °C for the convenience of the people.

What you can do inside this pool?

  • The pool is themed to resemble an abandoned sunken city.
  • The swimming pool has a dive shop and a gift shop.
  • An apartment and garage are also stationed inside the pool.

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  • It offers a variety of courses for scuba divers.
  • In addition, meetings, events and conferences can also be organized here.
  • Interestingly, there are two dry rooms at 6m and 21 m, i.e. where there is no water in these rooms.
  • You can also play games with your friends at the gaming parlour inside the pool.

Offers 3 categories:

Deep Dive Dubai’s guided experiences and courses are offered across three categories.

Discover – Under this category, scuba diving and freediving experiences fulfil the needs of those who want to experience a single dive or take their first steps towards certification as a diver.

Dive–This category welcomes everyone from naive to qualified professionals to dive within their certification limits.

Develop –This offers training to develop skills as well as gain scuba diving and free diving certifications offered by Deep Dive Dubai ranging from entry-level through to technical and instructor-level.

How much a dive will cost?

If you want to experience this world, you will have to pay at least 800 Dirhams for their minimum services. For more exclusive services you will have to pay commensurately.


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