Dubai Expo 2020 ends today; Check the best pavillion awards

Dubai Expo 2020 finally recorded its last day on March 31. With more than 200 pavilions, the complete Expo was an exemplary assortment of diverse cultures and heterogeneity.

Besides multiple opportunities and entertainment, the months long celebrations exhibited beautiful heritage and values of countries around the world. Moreover, Dubai Expo became a significant platform for showcasing latest innovations, and creativity of people from across the globe.

All the aesthetically pleasing pavilions were the perfect delight for the visitors. And now when the Expo came to an end, it’s important to recognize the efforts of all the countries and their pavilions.

An official awards ceremony was held on the eve of the Expo’s closing ceremony that awarded and acknowledged the best of pavilions.

The international jury of nine experts decided the winners of the awards. The experts who belong to relevant fields finalized the names of the Official Participant Awards recipients. All the judges visited each pavilion of the Expo twice, thus based upon their assessment, the pavilions are rewarded.

The awards are divided into five categories based upon the size and type of pavilion. The awards are conferred based on three aspects of pavilions: Architecture and Landscape (for self-built pavilions only), Exhibition design, and Theme interpretation.

All in all, 51 Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards were bestowed upon during the ceremony that was organized in Jubilee Park. Here’s the complete list of the winners from all the three categories of awards:

Architecture & Landscape

1) Category A (larger than 2,500m2)

  • Gold: Saudi Arabia
  • Silver: Switzerland
  • Bronze: China

2) Category B (between 1,750m2 and 2,500m2)

  • Gold: Netherlands
  • Silver: Austria
  • Bronze: Gulf Cooperation Council

3) Category C (smaller than 1,750m2)

  • Gold: Singapore
  • Silver: Finland
  • Bronze: Qatar

Exhibition Design

1) Category A

  • Gold: Japan
  • Silver: Pakistan
  • Bronze: Spain

2) Category B

  • Gold: Peru
  • Silver: Poland
  • Bronze: Egypt

3) Category C

  • Gold: Morocco
  • Silver: Algeria
  • Bronze: Palestine

4) Rented pavilions

  • Gold: Mexico
  • Silver: Latvia
  • Bronze: Montenegro

Thematic District pavilions- Opportunity

  • Gold: Tonga
  • Silver: Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Bronze: Fiji

Thematic District pavilions – Sustainability

  • Gold: Seychelles
  • Silver: Cambodia
  • Bronze: Suriname

Thematic District pavilions – Mobility

  • Gold: Holy See
  • Silver: Côte d’Ivoire
  • Bronze: Jamaica

Theme Interpretation

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1) Category A

  • Gold: Germany
  • Silver: Kazakhstan
  • Bronze: Italy

2) Category B

  • Gold: Oman
  • Silver: Hungary
  • Bronze: Sweden

3) Category C

  • Gold: Malaysia
  • Silver: Lithuania
  • Bronze: Colombia

4) Rented pavilions

  • Gold: Syria
  • Silver: Gabon
  • Bronze: Vietnam

Thematic District pavilions – Opportunity

  • Gold: Rwanda
  • Silver: Ethiopia
  • Bronze: Kyrgyzstan

Thematic District pavilions – Sustainability

  • Gold: Yemen
  • Silver: Guinea
  • Bronze: Comoros

Thematic District pavilions – Mobility

  • Gold: El Salvador
  • Silver: Moldova
  • Bronze: Organization of Islamic Cooperation


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