Dubai Showcases First Of Its Type Floating Smart Police Station In Expo 2020

The city of Dubai never leaves any chance to awestruck our minds. The home of many engineering marvels has become the harbinger of the latest architectural innovations. After floating restaurants, hotels and exhibitions, now has Dubai has introduced floating unmanned Police Stations. Sounds bizarre? But Dubai has achieved this feat.

Expo 2020 visitors have witnessed a prototype of this Floating Smart Police Station. The model is displayed in Expo as part of the UAE Innovation Week. Expo attendees will get an opportunity to visit this prototype.


The smart floating police station is a 3-storey edifice with one underwater and two floors above the water. The stations are built by Dubai Police and Kleindienst, the group which developed the luxurious Floating Seahorse Villas. So, the model station looks similar to floating sea horse villas with many advanced technologies.

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Talking about inside, the ground floor will have gadgets and systems that will help users to interact and avail services. The upper floor will be strapped with a monitoring drone. At last, the submerged floor consists of mechanical pieces of equipment that keep the station functioning.

What makes these Police stations unique?

  • These smart police stations are launched to serve people residing away from the mainland eg. the World Islands.
  • Smart stations are capable of unmanned surveillance and deliver innovative e-police services to citizens and tourists.
  • The station will primarily focus on yacht and boat owners, and water sports lovers.
  • The stations will be connected to the HQ and provide services round the clock.
  • Besides, they will ensure public safety while educating the community on protecting marine life.
  • People of the Islands will be able to reach smart stations by boats and avail most of the common services like crime reporting, paying traffic fines and asking for help without the presence of any police officers.

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