Eat while floating on air! Dubai’s Flying cup offers this experience

When it comes to tourism, Dubai never fails to offer a breathtaking and unforgettable experience. It is a land of lifetime experiences. On your various abroad excursions, you must have gathered different dining experiences. But have you ever dined in the air while enjoying the panoramic view of a beautiful city? Well, Dubai has something similar to offer. At ‘Flying Cup’ in Dubai, you’ll be elevated up to the height of 40 m from the ground where you can enjoy your meal. This outstandingly bizarre dining experience lends you the 360-degree unhindered view of Burj Al Arab. Here you can capture some lifetime memories with your loved ones and enjoy the moments of eating in the sky. You can grab a bite in between the clouds while giving your eyes a treat of a beautiful sunset or shimmering nightlife of the city.

About Flying cup:

As per the website of Flying Cup, it is one of its kind experience which is a confluence of food and entertainment. It combines a ride to the sky with your feet floating on the air freely, while you munch on your favorite snack and beverage.

The ride involves a vertical trip of 40 meters above sea level which lasts for approximately 30 minutes giving you enough time to empty your plates. Anyone above the minimum height of 105cm and age 4 is welcome on this journey.

The Packages:

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The flying cup offers four different packages from which you can choose. You’ll be charged according to the chosen package.

  • Pizza in the sky: It includes a vertical trip with your favourite Italian pizza and refreshment.
  • Hot-dog in the sky: In this, you’ll get a hot dog and a refreshment along with the sky trip.
  • Flight + refreshment: If you only want to sip on something in the air, then you can choose this.
  • Flight only: However, if you are only going to enjoy the sky trip with an already full stomach, then you can consider this.  

Special arrangements:

Flying cup management has some special packages for the following occasions:

  • If you want to surprise your loved ones, you can ask for a special personalised experience for various occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Apart from that, you can hold a corporate meeting up in the sky.
  • Moreover, this is an ideal spot to advertise your brand. The branding will be visible round the clock in a prime location on the iconic JBR Beach.

Timing and pricing:

One can take this experience between 10 am and 12 am. The ticket prices start from AED 60 (Adults) and AED 45(Children).

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