Unending glitter! Dubai’s Gold Souk is heaven for Gold enthusiasts, a must go for jewellery lovers

Emirates are known for their love for gold and diamonds. Since the 1940s, gold has been a prominent business in Dubai. The emirate is now one of the world’s largest gold markets, accounting for over 25% of global trading. Dubai is home to the world’s largest, oldest, and most unique gold market called Gold Souk. Even if you are not buying anything, a maze of covered pathways with glittering shops on either side is a stunning site to visit. Here you can spot the world’s largest gold necklace and world’s largest gold ring. Let’s know about this shimmering place in detail.

Where and how to reach?

It is located in Deira, which is part of Dubai’s historic district. You can get here by crossing the Dubai Creek in one of the many abras (water taxis) that run often. You will be able to view the market price of gold conspicuous flashing outside the shops in Dirhams while window shopping, and it is regularly updated each time it changes.

What Gold Souk has to offer?

The range begins with blended 18-carat gold, progressing to 21, 22, and finally pure 24-carat gold. Following your selection of jewelry, the retailer weighs the item and informs you of the pricing. The product’s manufacturing costs are also included. There is a wide range of exquisite gold jewellery available, some of which are studded with valuable stones such as rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.

Aside from gold, a few businesses sell real and well-inspected diamonds, pearls, and other precious metals. One has to not worry about the quality and authenticity because the Dubai government itself regulates the quality. Moreover, one can bargain for this valuable metal, because stores occasionally set a premium price for their products, largely due to the significant visitor turnover at the market.

The majority of the jewelry on display is 14 or 18 karat gold. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find anything you like. Most stores will create anything to your specifications.

Focus on the intricacy of artisanship as a subject of discussion, as the price of gold is fixed. Buying many items and paying in cash should both get you a discount, however, credit cards are usually always accepted.

The Gold Souk, being the capital of gold, is home to a world-record-breaking pieces of jewelry. Here you can stop by Kanz Jewellers, right past the main entrance, to take a photo with the world’s largest and heaviest gold ring, according to Guinness World Records. The ring named Najmat Taiba is a 21-karat masterpieces weighing approximately 140 pounds and studded with 11 pounds of diamonds and precious stones. It is valued at $3 million.

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