Give Your Little One A Touch Of Nature In Dubai At This Indoor Rainforest

Beautiful nature and wildlife thrills us all. You can definitely experience this in the indoor rainforest of Dubai. This indoor rainforest can be a stirring experience not only for grown ups but also for children.

The Green Planet is another name for this indoor rainforest. This four-storey origami style glass bio-dome is a home to around more than 3,000 plants as well as animal species. Let’s check out what all can you explore and experience inside the Green Planet.

Spend time the birds. This is something which no one does these days as we there are less trees now post civilization. So we rarely find such beautiful birds around us anymore. These birds are loosing their habitat due to anthropogenic activities. One such endangered species of bird is Toucan which you can see here. Caiques or other small parrots are other few varieties to name. Many more different and beautiful birds you will find here, those which you have not seen before. You can even capture these experiences in your camera. Remember, not more than six people can visit at one time.

How about interacting with endearing Slow Loris and a wild Lace Monitor. You can have a glimpse of more such nocturnal animals like Burmese Pythons, Parma Wallabies, Marine Toads, Tokay Gecko, Carpet Pythons and so on in this rainforest. Here you will also have an expert or biologist for sharing more knowledge and insights about these species.


Here you can also gift your child a chance to be a zookeeper for a day, if he/she is a nature and animal lover. The timings for this are, from 3pm-6pm throughout the week with one more additional slot from 8.30am-11.30am on  weekends. The price that you pay for it is Dh390 and is recommended for all those who are over the age of eight.

Dive in and see the savage and flesh loving piranhas. You would have heard about piranhas in so many movies, but now you can finally see them real in the rainforest. All guests will be given a wet suit and will be guided by an expert biologist before diving into the gigantic Piranha River Tank for a special feeding session. All those below six years of age cannot be the part of this adventure.

Do you really love interacting with the wildlife then be ready to, have a sight of Anacondas and the reticulated python that are lying in wait for your visit. At Green Planet guests (maximum five participants per session) can have a 20-minute reptile encounter with lizards, geckos and snakes thrice per day at 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm. Be prepared for cool pictures and to learn all about the snakes during this encounter.

Camp out in the rainforest. We know that it could be a bit expensive for many of us, but it is worthwhile to spend your money and time here inside the Green Planet. Come here to enrich yourself with the knowledge of nature. Also, making your evening a winsome and magical one. Check in at 7pm and stay on until 8am and have a sleep in a comfortable tent. Dh800 are the charges for a party of two and Dh1,600 for a party of four. This choice is only valid on Thursdays and Fridays.


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