Before Planning a Trip to Dubai; Know about these Strict Laws of Dubai

Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. But, if you are preparing for a holiday in Dubai, or planning to settle down there, then it very pivotal for you to know few strange yet important laws and rules of Dubai. These rules must be kept in mind, as they can even turn out to be penal offences.

It’s nothing to be scared of, but just keep them in your mind. So, let’s have a look on them:

  • Couples in Dubai cannot kiss each other in a public place and walking holding each other’s hands is also a crime in Dubai.
  • Just as in India people can live alone with their lover or partner, which is also known as live-in relationship in common language, in Dubai you cannot live in an apartment with people of the opposite sex. This is illegal in Dubai.
  • Many countries have different laws regarding alcohol. Similarly, Dubai has more stringent laws for alcohol. Remember you cannot consume alcohol or alcoholic beverages in public places, when you are in Dubai. As per to various websites, it is even necessary that you have a license for alcohol consumption in Dubai.
  • Just like alcohol, you can’t even smoke cigarettes in public, specifically between sunset and sunrise.

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  • One cannot take photographs of political and military buildings in Dubai.  Also, you cannot click any other person’s photo without their permission. This is a penal offence in Dubai.
  • You also need to keep in mind whatever you decide to wear in Dubai. Clothes should be such that they cover you wholly. And it is same for boys and girls in the public places. Also you will have, a separate swim suit for swimming in the water park.
  • In Dubai, it is a crime to eat food with the left hand, or taking any item from someone, opening the gate, or shaking hands etc.
  • Remember that it is a crime to eat anything in a public place during the time of Ramadan, if you’re in Dubai.

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