Sustainability with safety: What do the new e-scooter rules of Dubai say?

Making a city smart and sustainable is a top priority of city planners and governments these days. Authorities across the globe are looking for methods to jack up people’s quality of life while minimizing environmental impact. Dubai has been setting examples in this area. The expansion and diversification of Dubai’s urban transportation network in recent years is an inspiration for other global cities.

E-scooters are the newest means of transportation in a city that is slowly embracing carbon-friendly mobility options. For individuals with a driver’s license or a special permit, 2,000 of these mobility means will be available for rent across the city.

Authorities in Dubai have declared that e-scooters will be allowed on some bicycle tracks in ten districts. Areas with a high population density are classified as these zones. Such declared areas have a well-developed public transit system. These eco-friendly scooters are the perfect option for large cities like Dubai that wish to be more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly. As a result, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, has drafted a comprehensive set of rules and regulations for the year 2022.

How new rules will address the concerns?

According to the resolution, residents with a driver’s license can ride e-scooters. They would, otherwise, need a special permit. However, to obtain this special permit, riders must complete training classes and pass an online test. Besides, the speed restriction should not exceed 20 kmph, according to the transportation administration.

If not driven carefully, e-scooters are prone to accidents. The usage of these modes of transportation should be regulated for the safety of road users, as evidenced by other cities in the UK and the US that have implemented them. The new regulations also talk about maintenance and parking.

Authorities in Dubai launched safety campaigns after reckless riding of these vehicles resulted in tragic incidents. These e-scooters would not be used by anyone under the age of 16 under the new set of laws. Authorities have also made helmets compulsory.

Benefits of e-scooters:

E-scooters are the most convenient means of transportation for short commutes and last-mile reach. These scooters are both inexpensive and customizable. These e-scooters are boon when it comes to avoiding traffic and slashing down carbon footprints. Besides, these take very little space on the roads.

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