Earn passive income in Dubai by turning your house into Airbnb; Here’s how

An online marketplace called Airbnb (ABNB) brings together those looking for lodging in particular areas and those looking to rent out their homes. Ever since the concept enters the market, it has become one of the most popular home away stays for travellers.

How do websites like Airbnb and others for finding vacation rentals operate? What exactly is required to become a host? Is it secure? How can you generate income? Here is all the information you require for hosting an Airbnb in Dubai.

First, know the bare minimum requirements:

All landlords in Dubai who use Airbnb to rent out their homes must register with the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DTCM) in order to receive a licence to market their properties. Overall, this is fantastic news for travellers because they will know that the lodging they are booking has been categorised in accordance with DTCM standards. All Airbnb hosts are in charge of making sure their operations adhere to local laws and regulations.

Now, how to register and get a permit with DTCM?

Visit the DTCM Holiday Homes website at hh.dtcm.gov.ae/holidayhomes to create an online “Home Owner” account.

To begin the approval procedure, follow the steps exactly, turn in the needed paperwork, and then pay the fees at the Dubai Tourism office.

The owner will receive their own username and account as a certified vacation home provider after approval. The next step is to apply for a permit by clicking “add unit,” filling out the form for the property data, and uploading the necessary paperwork. Submitting the application and waiting for DTCM approval, paying for the permit, and lastly receiving a certificate that needs to be displayed someplace on your property.

You don’t need to own a property:

Even if you are not the landlord or lady, you can still rent out your house. DTCM holiday home regulations provide that a holiday home unit must be rented in its entirety and cannot be split with the owner or another visitor. To be able to host short-term visitors in Dubai, homeowners or tenants must still register the property through Dubai Tourism’s Holiday Homes website. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the property owner will also be needed. The following paperwork is necessary for renters who have their landlord’s permission to use the property as a vacation home:

  • Lease with subleasing provision
  • A landlord’s certificate of no objection
  • Title Act
  • Copy of owner’s passport or Emirates ID
  • An updated DEWA Bill (under owner or tenant name)

Where can you get the assistance?

Except for the labour involved, does renting out your apartment sound great? True, there is work to be done. As you’ve read, in order to operate legally in Dubai, you must register both yourself and your property with DTCM. You don’t have to do it all yourself, but when you’ve completed those tasks, you’ll also need to prepare your house for sale, take photos and market it, stay in touch with your visitors, and modify your availability when utilising other platforms. There are several companies that take care of everything for you, including obtaining your permission, figuring out your monthly Tourism Dirham cost, and handling the cleaning, laundry, etc.

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