5 things you can enjoy free of cost on your Dubai Trip

Dubai is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. But to experience this beautiful city you need deep pockets. Dubai is full of extravagant things and for tourists, here in Dubai, the sky is the limit to spend. But, this doesn’t mean that city has nothing to offer at cheap prices or absolutely free. There are some Low-Budget activities as well that will make your trip memorable.

Here, we have selected 5 low budget places to visit that will make your excursion amazing without putting a burden on your pockets.

  • Magnificent Fountains

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Sitting next to The Dubai Mall and at outside the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest dancing fountains are one of the most popular tourist cynosures. The stunning musical fountains and light show is a treat to the eyes and the best part is you can enjoy it free of cost.

Dubai fountains perform daily twice, ie. In the afternoon and the evening. Shows start between 1 pm and 2 pm and in the evenings, there’s a show every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 11 pm.

  • Aquarium and Waterfall at Dubai Mall

Being the symbol of grandeur, Dubai Mall is one of the biggest shopping malls on the globe. Under its roof, it has more than 1200 outlets including the world’s most renowned brands. However,  visiting the mall will not cost you anything.  While entry in Underwater Zoo costs you more, you can view the huge aquarium free of charge from the mall itself.

Another picture clicking point at the Dubai Mall is its waterfall. This giant artificial waterfall flows through sculptures traversing all the levels of the mall.

  • Stroll at Marina beach

Dubai’s Marina beach is a very lively place, especially after the sun goes down. Promenade at this beach allows you a picturesque 7km long walk. You can live the nightlife of Dubai while feeling the sea breeze here without paying anything.  At the entrance to the Marina Walk, the dancing fountains catches everyone’s attention. The beach is full of events all around the year. So, if you are lucky you can catch any cultural or pop event there.  

  • Love Lake at Al Qudra Area


Visiting Al Qudra area is among the free things that you must do in Dubai. The area is full of anthropogenic lakes that creates a real oasis in the desert. The place is completely contrast to the high paced city life. Among all the lakes the most famous one is the heart-shaped Love Lake. To add its beauty, statues of hearts are installed around the lake perfect for a romantic evening in Dubai. The place has picnic facilities, barbeque pits, board games, and restrooms. It is an ideal place to enjoy sunset and stargazing.

  • Local Traditional Markets

In Dubai, at completely different side traditional markets are located. The colorful local markets are completely bipolar to modern malls and give you a glimpse of Dubai’s local traditions. Here you’ll get an opportunity to interact with the locals. You can also buy cheap souvenirs from here. However, good haggling skills might fetch you even better discounts.


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