Expo 2020 Dubai: Michelin Starred Chefs Are Coming To Make Your Taste Buds Drool

Dubai Expo 2020 is grilling all its visitors more and with curiosity. You just cannot resist to know it all. Now if you are a gourmandiser, then Dubai Expo 2020 is surely a place for you, as it will be serving you with world class cuisines.

Food knows no border, same is applicable to the Expo 2020 which is going to be a Foodie’s Paradise bringing in globally esteemed restaurants, expo exclusive eateries and above all Superstar Michelin starred chefs.

Keeping it’s words, this expo will be the most  to be the most inclusive one ever. Expo 2020 Dubai is ready to serve you with various different cuisines, ranging from antique classics to latest innovations which would be suitable for every pocket as well as taste buds. Here you can enjoy street bites and gourmet delights all of your choice from more than 200 food and beverage outlets.

Marjan Faraidooni, Chief Visitor Experience Officer, Expo 2020 said: “It’s universally agreed that one of the best ways to discover a country is by sampling its cuisine, and at Expo 2020, visitors are able to eat their way around the world without leaving the UAE.

“Whether you’re curious about the latest dining trends or looking to indulge in what’s tantalising the taste buds of food fanatics around the world, Expo 2020 is a dining destination in its own right, featuring some of the world’s most celebrated chefs, as well as up-and-coming homegrown concepts seeking to make their mark on the international food scene. Many of the 191 participating countries will also be serving authentic dishes and drinks at their pavilions.”

Expo 2020 will be featuring more than 20 award-winning chefs who will be glamorizing the restaurants that have earned Michelin stars – the global hallmark of fine dining and culinary distinction.

In the list of these eminent chefs you have, American ‘Gypsy Chef’ David Myers, who will combine classic American fast food with global influence at Adrift Burger Bar. Next, is another globally admired Armenian-American chef, Geoffrey Zakarian, who is set to debut The National Bar & Dining Rooms – his vision of a grand café, that will present you with complete modern bistro cuisine from breakfast to dinner. Both of these restaurants are brand new ideas making their debut at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Matthew Kenney, is ready to wow diners with incredible presentations of American, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours as he will be backing three plant-based restaurant concepts from the US. While on the other hand we have, Mory Sacko, the founder of Mosuke restaurant which was honoured with Michelin star, will employ his French cuisine expertise to create his signature and unique African-Japanese fusion cuisine.

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Expo 2020 Dubai celebrates its homegrown hotspots, simultaneously also introduces exciting internationally recognised restaurants, including prominent Italian restaurant Scarpetta, which is all set to launch its first-ever Burrata Bar at the Expo. David Thompson is also joining in with his famous Thai street food chain Long Chim, meaning of it is ‘come and taste’ in Thai.

Rohit Ghai, among the world’s most in-demand chefs, brings his renowned restaurant Kutir straight from London’s Chelsea to Dubai Expo 2020. Kutir, which means ‘a small cottage’ in Sanskrit, draws its inspiration from the royal tradition of hunting safari in jungles of the Indian countryside, with a bonafide, at the same time experimental menu.

Flavours from British includes Bread Ahead, which is specialised in doughnuts as well as gluten-free and sourdough breads. They will come up with their Bakery School. Beirut’s neighbourhood joint, Baron, will bring gusto to the plate with fresh ingredients from farm and sea in its menu which is Mediterranean-inspired. Moving ahead we also have Kojaki, a collaborative idea of Japanese and Korean cuisines, with signature dishes such as Korean barbecue and Japanese robata.

Expo will also present an exotic range of food concepts including Alkebulan African dining hall, that will be personalising your experience with former opera singer, Alexander Smalls, which features 11 chef-led concepts from across the African continent; Taste of the Gulf which celebrates the region’s rich culinary heritage; and Talabat, a cloud kitchen with a fleet of riders from the food delivery platform; delivery robots and robotic baristas.

Local all time favourites from UAE will also be served here under brands such as Arabian Tea House. Al Farwania, an Indian gem; Dampa Seafood Grill, a Filipino hotspot; Lebanese delicacies can be found at Al Reef Bakery; and Hanon Feras Sweets, popular for its classic Middle Eastern dessert, kanafa.

This six-months span also features Pakistani street food, Ravi Restaurant; Maraheb Yemeni Restaurant will also be the part of it; Chicken Tikka Inn; biryaniprofessionals Al Farwania Restaurant; and Sarouja Restaurant & Café, a popular Syrian and Mediterranean spot.

One of its type, first global mega-events is about to commence from 1 October 2021 and will continue till 31 March 2022, inviting visitors from across the globe to join the making of a new world. Experience a six-month celebration of human creativity, innovation, and culture.


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