Feel water in the desert! 5 water adventures that you must not miss in Dubai

The city full of the most iconic skyscrapers, beaches, and unique tourist attractions. Yes, we are talking about the city of Dubai. The city located in the Middle East is among the most loved holiday destinations in the world. Aside from its beauty, opulence, and glitz, Dubai is also known as the top choice for adventure lovers. The city has innumerable adrenaline-rushing adventures that one must experience once. Apart from sky adventures, Dubai has so much to offer in water sports as well.

If you are planning a fun excursion to Dubai and looking for water adventures in the city, we will help you to choose the activities that will make your trip memorable. Here is the list of 5 water adventures that you must try in Dubai.

  • Parasailing:

If you want to start from a slightly calm adventure, then parasailing is an apt water sport to start with. If you want a feel of flying in the air but afraid of height, parasailing in Dubai is a must-try experience for you. In this water sport, a parachute is attached to a boat. When the boat moves at a high velocity, the parachute carrying you rises with the speed of the boat. This will make you float in the sky providing you with a panoramic view of the beautiful city. Although it is an easier adventure, you will definitely feel an adrenaline rush when your parachute takes off the water surface. You can try Parasailing at a cost ranging from AED 400-450.

  • Sea Breacher:

Have you ever seen an aggressive shark moving in the water while taking dips? Well, if you want to ride one such shark, this is the sport to choose. No, of course, you won’t be riding a real shark, instead, you will get inside a shark-shaped watercraft. This meticulously tailored Shark shaped watercraft gives a vibe of a monster shark and will give you a sea ride imitating a shark movement. The Sea Breacher can ride at the surface of the water at a speed of 80 Km/hr as well as go 5 to 6 feet deep under the water striding at a speed of 40km/hr.

  • Fly Fishing

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If you want to get a Woohooo reaction from yourself, Fly fishing is the activity that must should go for. It is of the most loved water sports in Dubai. In this romp activity, you will be strapped to a huge inflatable guided by a speedboat. The experience of gushing wind on your face and the water splashing is something which will be unforgettable. The best part about this is that is one of the most pocket-friendly water activities that will certainly rush your adrenaline.

  • Kite surfing:

Alright, if the above sports look lesser wild and you want to test your limits further, then you must go for Kite Surfing. It is among the most picked water sports by adventure lovers. In this nimble sport, your waterboards will be attached to big parachutes that will glide you over waves. With parachutes, you will experience the strong power of winds and you will have to harness that power to maneuver your waterboard. Otherwise seeming a pro task, Kite Surfing, however, is one of those sports that you can learn in a few lessons.

  • Windsurfing:

Wind Surfing is another popular go-solo water adventure that you can try in Dubai. Windsurfing is such an exhilarating water adventure that will definitely break your sweat. The activity tests your agility and flexibility. In windsurfing, you will experience sailing while surfing on waves. In this, you will have to surf on waves while balancing your longboards.

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