How can you get a job in Dubai? What is required to get a job there?

The job market in Dubai is becoming much diverse, which means that sectors like security and investigation, marketing and advertising, and hospitality are looking to hire more people and are prepared to do so by doing so internationally. However, the tech sector continues to hold a disproportionate share of the top jobs. Therefore, you’re in luck if you’re looking for employment in Dubai’s tech sector.

But how can you get started in Dubai’s emerging job market? This article will help you through the most crucial procedures and details.

Get an apt visa

You will require a work visa if you intend to work in Dubai. The good news is that they’re rather simple to acquire if you work for a Dubai-based business.

It’s easier to move to Dubai after receiving a job offer because a work visa is needed. Having said that, it is feasible to travel to the emirate on a visitor or tourist visa to conduct a job search and then change your visa status after landing a job. Most travellers to Dubai don’t need to get a visa in advance; you’ll get one when you arrive.

While the tourist visas are a convenient method to enter the nation to conduct your job hunt, it’s essential that you either obtain a work visa, assuming you do, or depart the country when your visa expires. After a visa expires, there is a 10-day grace period, but if you are discovered working while in possession of a tourist visa, you risk being imprisoned, fined, and deported.

Obtain your work permit and health card

You must submit your medical records, passport copies, photo, employment offer letter, and visa application to the Department of Health and Medical Services while your work visa is being processed.

In order to rule out conditions like transmissible diseases, required tests would be required. The UAE now forbids foreigners who are carriers of such diseases from settling in the emirates. You will receive a health card once you have passed every test; this is necessary for international workers in Dubai.

You must also apply for a work permit, which entails giving the Ministry of Human Resources copies of your job contract, entry visa, medical records, and employer’s labour licence.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai is responsible for issuing residency visas. You can visit the AMER centre in person or submit your application online. In addition to filling out a form, you must present your passport, medical records, a health certificate, the original of your entry permit, two passport photos, a copy of your work permit, and the receipt from the processing of your work permit.

Understand the demand in market

Even while the emirate’s financial situation is improving overall, not all job markets are prepared to recover. Tech, HR, Hospitality, Banking, Consulting, Content Coordinator, Back End Developer, Data Scientist, Business Development Associate, and Ecommerce Coordinator are some industries where job seekers might succeed. Due to their good success, salary rises are projected in several of the aforementioned businesses.

Hit the reputed companies

Some businesses are well-known in Dubai for their stringent hiring procedures and stellar reputations as places to work.

Retail giants Landmark Group, Majid Al Futtaim, accountancy firm PwC, asset management firms Mubadala, ADIA, and management consulting giant Deloitte are a some of the greatest corporations to work for.

Focus on your application

Your CV is the most crucial resource you have while looking for a job. Due to the intense competition in the Dubai job market, recruiters often just give your resume six seconds of their time. Avoiding common CV mistakes like utilising buzzwords is crucial. For individuals who require a bit more assistance, professional services is a fantastic source for CV ideas and recommendations.

Your job search outcomes may be impacted by your online presence. You should increase your online activity by producing a CV and filling out jobseeker accounts on platforms like LinkedIn and Bayt in addition to removing possibly detrimental postings and photographs. However, it might also be advantageous to display some personality by blogging about your interests or your family.

Moreover, you mustn’t apply for jobs that aren’t a suitable fit for your skills just because you’re enthusiastic about a firm. Employers could interpret a candidate’s disorganised application as an indication that they lack direction and don’t know what they want.

Try to take help of reliable agencies

In Dubai, headhunters are used frequently for hiring. The easiest approach to find a job in the emirate is still to work with an agency, which is extremely widespread. Here are few such organisations:

  • Jivaro Partners (marketing & communications jobs)
  • ESP International (conferences, events, hospitality)
  • Robbert Murray (development, construction, engineering & public sector jobs)
  • BAC Middle East (engineering, marketing & management jobs)

If you choose to work through an agency, search for businesses that charge commission to the employer rather than to the employee. Be cautious of recruiters who demand exorbitant payments from job seekers because they frequently operate as scammers.

Build your network among existing employees

Companies in Dubai are also looking for people who can provide references from current employees, and many of them have referral programmes set up inside their HR departments. Because of this, networking is an effective strategy you can employ to find and keep a job.

You can still network even if you are unable to travel to Dubai for networking events. There are a tonne of social media platforms and online forums, but you can also discover specific “online job fairs” to aid in the “who-you-know” factor.

Be Patient

Anywhere in the globe, finding a job takes time, but Dubai’s job market is especially competitive. In addition to the skills shortage, employment in Dubai is often seasonal, with the majority of hiring occurring from January to March and almost ceasing during the holy month of Ramadan and the warmest months of the summer. It’s not rare in Dubai that a job search takes six months to a year.

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