Love Vada Pav? Try Golden Vada Pav Of This Restaurant In Dubai

All the Vada Pav lovers out there!Big news for you people…. Your favourite scrumptious food is touching new heights around the world, achieving more and more popularity. One of Dubai’s famous hotel has launched “Gold Vada Pav” which has been attracting people’s attention towards from different corners of the globe. The pictures of this Vada pav are going viral on social media.  The hotel also posted a video of this dish on its social media handle and claimed to have launched the world’s first 22 carat gold Vada pav.

 Actually, the name of this hotel is ‘O Pav’. The video uploaded by the hotel explains how it was built and what are its features. To begin with the gold vada pav, the vada patty was stuffed with truffle butter and cheese. After giving vada it’s round shape, they are then dipped in a solution that looks like gold. Then it is fried in a pan of hot oil. Vada Pav is served in a fancy wooden box along with sweet potato fries and mint lemonade as its accompaniments.

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The price for this Gold Vadapav is quoted as 99 dirhams (about 2 thousand rupees) by hotel.You can enjoy it only sitting inside the hotel, and you are not supposed to carry it outside. Vadapav will be served in a wooden box. Nitrogen has been used in the box to make the dish more attractive.

Further, the hotel named ‘O Pav’ specialises in making big pavs of numerous varieties. This hotel is quite popular in Dubai for Indian food. Although, it is not for the first time that gold has been used for preparing food dishes in Dubai. Earlier we have also witnessed so many different desserts as well as steaks which are garnished and prepared with gold. But Vada pav is just a brand new addition to that list.


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