Sail through clouds! Top 5 hot air balloon rides in Dubai

Have you ever wanted to sail Alladin’s carpet ? The same amazing experience is available to you on Dubai’s hot air balloon trips, or nearly so. To say the view is stunning from hundreds of metres above the ground would be an understatement.

If you’re travelling to Dubai, you must take a hot air balloon flight to see the stunning Dubai cityscape and sand dunes. Your trip can include anything from unforgettable desert excursions to brunch with bubbles, or even a trained falcon swooping through the skies behind you on your ride, depending on the package you select. Let’s know about 5 hot air balloon rides in Dubai right.

Ballon Adventures:

Flying with Balloon Adventure is like taking off as the sun rises over the Dubai Desert and illuminates the sky. Since the business has been operating for 17 years, you are in capable hands. Balloon Adventures Dubai offers a variety of hot air balloon rides, including group rides and private hot air balloon charters.

Adventure hot air balloon tours in Dubai include floating at a height of 4000 feet while looking down over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where you may see the local wildlife.

You may unwind in a stunning desert environment inside the grounds of a royal retreat if you want to experience what it’s like to be royalty. Additionally, each balloon has a GoPro camera so you may record the memories you have while floating through the air. Learn more about the packages provided by Balloon Adventures Dubai.

Sindbad Gulf Balloons

They take great satisfaction in giving their clients an experience of a lifetime while taking all the required safety measures to ensure your flight is secure. One of the best hot air balloon rides in Dubai is provided by the Sindbad Gulf Balloon, which has been in business for more than ten years. You can enjoy the best of Dubai on a budget thanks to their cheap prices on the market.

Sindbad Gulf offers a number of packages, including Standard flight, Deluxe flight, and Premium flight, much like all the other businesses. Each tour lasts for 4 to 5 hours, of which 40 to 70 minutes are spent in flight.

A deluxe trip must have at least 20 passengers, whereas a private flight can be reserved for as little as 6 people. You can get in touch with them and treat yourself to a mind-blowing experience if you wish to travel privately or host a business event.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Hot Air Balloon Dubai, a 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award winner, wants to take your breath away. They adamantly refer to themselves as an aviation adventure firm, and rightly so. Since they hold a General Civil Aviation (GCAA) licence, you may be sure you’re in capable hands.

This company doesn’t let its customers down, from ensuring the safety of the flights to providing coverage of Dubai’s fantastical terrain. You should make your reservations in accordance with the maximum number of 24+1 visitors who can share a balloon at once. To give the visitors a beautiful view of the morning surrounded by clouds, all of their trips leave a few minutes before sunrise.

For balloon lovers, Hot Air Balloon Dubai’s packages have been carefully chosen. After seeing the inflation of the balloon, the passengers receive a brief pre-flight briefing. They provide pick-up and drop-off services for residents of the city.

Platinum Heritage

The platinum heritage, recognised for its one-of-a-kind safari experiences, challenges its guests to continue their desert adventures. It entails anything from spending the night in the desert to taking a balloon ride early in the morning to catch the sunrise.

You shouldn’t pass up this opportunity if you want to see the sparkling stars. The business takes pleasure in transporting visitors back in time so they may experience the entire desert environment as it was before the city was founded.

The package includes spending the evening in a traditional majlis setting around the bonfire. You get to spend the night in a private room constructed from Bedouin-inspired Arabic stone houses. A sumptuous meal is served after the hot air balloon flight in the morning.

Dubai Ballooning

One of the best businesses in the city offering balloon rides is Dubai Ballooning. Families, groups, and couples can all take advantage of their custom-tailored packages. Wouldn’t you leap at the chance to take a romantic balloon trip over the clouds while you’re on your honeymoon? If you want to give your significant other an unforgettable balloon ride, you might want to think about going with Dubai Ballooning.

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