If You Want To Learn Arabic To Settle In Middle East, Here’s The Authentic Source

If one wants to work or settle outside the native country, in such a situation, the language of the destination country comes in handy. UAE is among the most preferred destinations for immigrants. So, if you want to settle or work in UAE then the Arabic language will make your stay easier. If you too want to learn Arabic from a credible place you must read this.

 The Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre has introduced a programme to assist non-Arabic speakers of the world to learn the Arabic language in an easy and efficient manner through meticulously created innovative content.

What is the We Speak Arabic programme?

The programme launched by ALC named as ‘We Speak Arabic’ is designed in such a manner that learners of all ages and languages can master the Arabic language and culture.

While launching this programme, Saeed Al Tunaiji, acting executive director at the ALC said,

Promoting the uptake of the Arabic language locally and internationally is one of the ALC’s primary objectives through a wide range of projects and initiatives. Delivering our mandate through digital means is a major focus that provides easy accessibility to those looking to learn, and of course, cooperation and collaborative efforts between entities, institutions and communities are essential to achieve our goals.”

The Pals competition:

We Speak Arabic is among many programmes conducted by ALC aimed at promoting and developing the Arabic language.

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Among other programmes, ALC recently organized the ‘Arabic Language Pals’ competition for learners, which assessed 156 videos submitted from MENA(the Middle East and North Africa) region. The videos were examined by a panel of judges expert in Arabic language and poetry. The videos were evaluated on the basis of performance quality, accuracy, selection of content and emotional manifestation.


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