Rent of This Villa In Dubai Breaks Record; It Costs More Than A Million Dollar

Dubai once again setting a new record, this time it is offering the world’s most expensive rental. The city is now serving you with the most expensive rental till date – an elephantine amount of Dh3.8m.

This rental is a nine-bedroom villa located on Palm Jumeirah.The residence is loaded with variety of lavish features including sauna, pool, gym and even a private beach, isn’t it amazing!

Luxurious rental is being operated by Luxury Explorers’ Collection, which provides high-end property and concierge management services. Tenant details are always kept confidential.

Every year lot of people move to Dubai with a view of settling down. Hence, they look for such houses which are not only beautiful but at the same time ensuring safety as well as privacy of them and their families.

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Dubai holds fourth position globally among the places where people spend highest percentage of their incomes on rent, as stated by database of Cost-of-living, which is compiled by Numbeo. 

Around 39.85 percent of the monthly income is spend on outgoing rents by those who are living in the Emirates. If you are planning to settle in UAE, then remember that you may have to pay an average rent of Dh7,054 a month, for a three bedroom property. 

In Dubai rents have beginto increase in some specific areas of the city, specially after heavy falls during the pandemic period.

In the first quarter of 2021, average apartment and villa rental rates in Dubai already rose by 1 per cent and 4 per cent respectively, as per Asteco.

“The post-Covid resilience of the UAE’s economy is attracting immense wealth from across the world and, especially, from Europe, England and the Americas,” said Chris Whitehead, managing partner of Luxhabitat Sotheby’s International Realty.

Three villas, all of which located on Palm Jumeirah, are sold for more than Dh100m this year, along with the most expensive one being, XXII Carat (Club Villas) property for Dh119.5m.


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