10 online places to sell your used items in Dubai

We buy a lot of things online these days, but did you know you can also sell things online in Dubai? Living in Dubai and want to turn your unwanted trinkets, books, clothes, or electronics into cash but don’t know where to begin?

We’re here to help, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 places to sell your stuff online in Dubai.

Dubai Buy It, Sell It, Swap It

The private Dubai-based Facebook group has nearly 70,000 members who are looking to, uh, buy, sell, and swap their used items. All posts must include images, the price, and the collection location, and no advertisements are permitted. Gym equipment, sofas, books, electronics, toys, and even cars are available.


If you want to sell or buy used clothes, the global app Depop is also popular in the UAE. Unlike other countries, which use their postal system to ship clothes to new buyers, sellers in this country use Careem Box or ask you to pick up your items. Sounds suspicious, but it works perfectly well because residents are used to buying and selling on Facebook and Dubizzle.


If you want to sell your items online in Dubai, dubizzle is a good place to start. You can sell almost anything on this site, including large home furniture and appliances, books, clothes, electricals, DVDs, jewellery, and even your car. The classifieds site is a one-stop shop for a massive clear-out, but with thousands upon thousands of products for sale, competition to get rid of everything you own may be fierce. People are always looking for goods, so if you give yourself time and set your products apart from the rest (good pictures help), you could have a good chance of selling everything.

Dubai Pottery Barn Stuff- Buy & Sell Second-Hand Items

Okay, this one is a little specialised, but if you like Pottery Barn, it’s a good one. As the name suggests, you can buy and sell items from the American homeware brand PB. With only 3,700 members, this group isn’t as active as your other Facebook groups, but if you want to sell or buy Pottery Barn items, this is the place to go.


Dubai is a Facebook powerhouse, particularly when it comes to selling used goods. Our best advice for using social media to sell your goods is to join the page of your local community. If you live in Arabian Ranches, for example, you can join this group and list your items there.


If you like designer clothing, bags, or shoes, this is the place to sell and buy them. Having begun many years ago in their large villa in Jumeirah, the website now lists the majority of their items and offers an 85 percent commission to those selling. Discounted high-end brands range from Chanel to Sophia Webster.

Pre-Loved Luxury Furniture & Home Decor UAE

Another private Dubai-based Facebook group with a large following, The Pre-Loved Luxury Furniture & Home Decor UAE group, as the name suggests, is a way for residents in Dubai to sell pre-loved luxury furniture while also getting a good deal. Their group has nearly 25,000 members, and the majority of the items listed are from more expensive furniture stores such as Marina Home and West Elm, as well as antiques.

RESOLD™️ The UAE’s Premier Pre-Loved Luxury Furniture & Home Decor Platform

Though the group name is a mouthful, they’ve changed it several times due to the proliferation of copycat groups, this is one of the oldest and best second hand buying and selling Facebook groups. You can buy and sell used high-end furniture and home accessories with over 28,000 group members. Before reaching the page, each listing must be approved by the group’s owner, so you know you’re getting high-quality items when shopping here.


This Dubai-based operation, founded by self-confessed shopaholic Sian Williams, offers pre-loved couture at a discount. It used to be known as My Ex Wardrobe, and it has a devoted following of fellow fashionistas who want to transform one woman’s cast-offs into their own tailored treasures. RETOLD accepts both high-street and designer brands and inspects, photographs, displays, and sells your items on your behalf. Simple to use and beneficial to both your wallet and the environment.

The Luxury Closet

This Dubai-based online business is the Middle East’s largest luxury marketplace, distributing pre-owned designer items to new owners. Pre-owned luxury items such as handbags, clothing, watches, and jewellery from top luxury brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex, to name a few.

The in-house team is trained to verify the authenticity and condition of luxury products, ensuring that only 100 percent authentic items are put on sale, so if you’re looking to trade in that Prada bag that’s been collecting dust in the back of your closet for some cold, hard cash, the process is fairly simple. Simply create an account and upload images and details about the item you want to sell. The Luxury Closet will collect the item and authenticate, professionally clean, and photograph it before listing it online, based on extensive market research.

Think Upcycle

This simple website is linked to a large warehouse in Ajman and is ideal for both buying and selling used furniture. Though they do get some luxury items, you’ll mostly find unique and affordable pieces here. Aside from the low prices, another advantage of shopping here is the free in-house reupholstering service, which allows you to personalise your purchases. In addition, for those looking to rehome items, they provide a free collection service as well as a 20% commission on anything they sell.

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