5 places to look for authentic Arabic perfumes in Dubai

Arabs place a great deal of importance on smells and perfumes in their daily lives. They are among the earliest civilizations to have incorporated scents into daily life. Nearly 5,000 years ago, Arabic culture began using scents. In actuality, the history of Arabic perfumery has much to do with the present perfume industry.

Arabic perfumes have an exotic, distinctive scent that sets them apart and makes them easy to recognise. They provide the wearer with a feeling of rich elegance and the comfort of a centuries-old tradition. Here are the best 5 locations to look if you want to purchase some wonderful Arabic fragrance while visiting Dubai.

Swiss Arabian

The intense, alcohol-free perfumes from Swiss Arabian are real homages to oud, the opulent, smoky resin produced from the agarwood tree. They are designed to be lightly dabbed onto pulse points as opposed to being extensively spritzed. The powerful blend of oud, incense, and saffron spice in Kashkha, one of their most well-known aromas, is softened with a smidgen of musk. This unisex scent comes wrapped in an elegant golden flask and is a bit pompous introduction to heavy, woody aromatics, Dubai-style. One of the best places to shop where you can locate the brand is the Dubai Mall.


Ajmal, a family-run perfumery in Dubai, has been in business since 1951 and is a local favourite. Nazir Ajmal, the in-house fragrance ‘nose,’ specialises in classic ouds and aromas with a strong spice component. The Ajmal shopping experience includes smelling samples of the brand’s signature scents to help you determine your unique fragrance profile. The brand has boutiques in several prestigious malls, including The Dubai Mall. The Evoke Midnight edition is not to be missed for its citrusy notes with a tinge of flowery spiciness, while the Dahn Al Oudh line is a standout.


Amouage, a fragrance brand with roots in nearby Oman, is renowned for its complex fusions of priceless woods and Middle Eastern spices like frankincense and myrrh. The elegant and striking flacons from Amouage are the ideal souvenirs from your trips. Each vial has a complexly crafted blend of scents that each has a unique story to tell. Try Love Tuberose for notes that will brighten your mood, or The Journey Woman for a stronger scent statement.


Ghawali is yet another intriguing discovery. It was inspired by the first merchants of the area who gave members of the royal family their shipments of priceless oils known as “ghalia” and exquisite scents. It provides a modern take on expensive perfumes and high-end bath and body products. The Ghawali boutique in The Dubai Mall offers customers the option to create their own custom fragrance blend by choosing the notes and strength, and an elegant bottle engraving and personalization service gives the newest addition to your perfume collection a unique touch.


Mohammed Ne’emah, an Emirati perfumer, is well-liked by trend-setters in the country and has his creations carried by Sephora, the world’s largest cosmetic retailer. One of the first Arabian perfume companies to break into the mainstream, Ne’emah was established in 1997 and catered to both regional preferences and Western sensibilities. The Laya smell, which is undoubtedly a bestseller, softens a smokey oud base with sweet vanilla, powdery musk, and dry cedarwood for a wearable fragrance that yet evokes the tones of its desert origins.

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