5 places to click cool selfies with street art in Dubai

If you’re in Dubai and searching for some amazing selfie spots, there’s no better place to go than the neighbourhoods with street art. So, whether you’re looking for a bright area to take the perfect Instagram photo or simply want to observe the wonderful works of art on the walls of Dubai, this list can help. So, without further ado, here is a list of all the street art locations in Dubai.


La Mer is at the top of our list of places in Dubai with street art. The entire La Mer area is filled with colourful walls, which contributes to the trendy vibe, so you’ll find some of Dubai’s best graffiti art around every corner. The street comes alive at night, with decorative lighting and bulbs illuminating the posters from the 1970s. Because of its edgy attitude, millennial aesthetic, and diverse selection of contemporary restaurants, this outdoor site built by Meraas has become a local favourite as one of the best places in Dubai to take selfies.

City Walk

City Walk, a prominent area for street art in Dubai, is another of Meeras’ pet projects. You’ll also find a bevvy of other bright statement pieces, including murals by street art luminaries such as Ron English, Lady Aiko from Japan, and others. The Walk is most famous for the ‘I Love DBX’ graffiti, which has now become a cultural symbol in Dubai. After you’ve finished photographing your favourite street art project, you can unwind at one of City Walk’s stylish cafes or boutique fashion boutiques for laid-back weekend activities in Dubai.

AL Karama

Best known for its business housing, Al Karama has recently converted into a bustling hotspot for street art in Dubai, due to the efforts of local artists. There will be 24 stunning works of art strewn across the historic buildings in Karama Souk that served as the canvas for the ‘Rediscovering Karama’ project. The walls of the buildings here are adorned with images of birds, natural landscapes, and space. The historic buildings’ bright colours create a nice aesthetic experience as well as a good picture opportunity.

Dubai Design District (D3)

The Dubai Design District, as the name suggests, is well recognised for its architectural style as well as being one of the best sites in Dubai for street art. The streets here are lined with quirky buildings in odd designs, as well as graffiti covering these odd constructions. There are various art works along the highways that invite passersby to stop and take a photo or two. Popular pastel-colored street art adorns the building and street walls on all sides, presenting abstract art and animated scenes.

Jumeirah Beach Road

The Jumeirah Beach Road, which is home to one of Dubai’s largest beaches, is one of the city’s main attractions, with stunning art around it. This conic highway has been given new life thanks to amazing works of art by 30 artists. Several of the sculptures are a celebration of city life, hidden in plain sight in back alleys. Murals depicting children participating in traditional sports and Arabian dhows drifting on the seas can be found just yards away from abstract masterpieces such as Ruben Sanchez’s Bicycle.

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