On your Shopping Spree in Dubai splurge your Money on these 5 items

If you ever visit Dubai, or if you are there in, then you must surely buy these products. These products listed below are mainly the ones which are Dubai’s specialty.

Oudh and Bakhoor

If you are really fond of trying out different kind of fragrances then Oudh, can be your thing. Oudh is a special kind of, premium fragrance oil which has its own distinct aroma. This is one of the specialty of Dubai. And you can easily found this in the streets of Dubai. These fragrance oils are extracted from the woods of Southeast Asian agar tree, Agarwood. It is available in different forms like in the form of pure oil, mixed oil, floral oils or perfume fragrances.

Coming to Bakhoor, they are chips which are made out of agarwood. These chips are burnt for their pleasant aroma. They are used as an alternative to room fresheners, scented candles and diffusers. Both of these, Oudh and Bakhoor are most demanded items of Dubai.

Arabian Coffee and Coffee pots

Coffeeholics will surely love the flavour of Arabian coffee. Though it may first appear bitter but it’s too refreshing at the same time. Often accompanying some sweet treat to balance out the flavours, the coffee here is known for its strong taste. Arabian coffee pots are quite a keepsakefor taking back home. These amazingly cute coffee pots are locally known as “dallah”.

These pots are made out of copper and are very suitable for daily usage. They are designed in traditional Arabic styles. In order to decorate them, some coffee pots are even rimmed with gold and silver. Hence, decorated pots might be expensive.

Persian rugs and carpets

Persian rugs and carpets need no words for elaborating on their beauty. Though these rugs and carpets might be a bit bulky for you to carry but, you won’t find the same elsewhere. They are finest and classic. They will definitely add a lot of value to your living rooms or other parts of your house. Hand-made rugs are usually costlier than  the machine-made ones. There are various stores where you even get an option of customising your rugs or carpets as per your choice. The quality, material and amount of work performed on them affect their prices, besides, size of them.

Arabian dates

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Dried fruits are customary titbit options for people of Dubai. Arabian dates are not only loved by locals, strongly demanded by tourists as well. Apart from being eaten raw, dates are also used in desserts, served as accompaniment with coffee, even non-alcoholic beverages are made out of these Arabian dates.

These dates are even gifted during Ramadan. They actually have multiple uses. Besides, these uses of dates, they hold great nutritional content, containing magnesium, copper, etc. Arabian dates must be the part of your shopping list.

Arabic lanterns

If you have ever watched Aladdin movies, then you must have definitely viewed Arabic lanterns. This will be like value addition to your decor, taking it to another level. You can get a massive variety of these Arabic lanterns in Dubai. Lanterns are a very common feature of houses in Emirates. They also have filigree work on them, and they are made up of different materials like copper, tin, aluminium, and glass. You must carry one for your house.

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