Traveling from UAE after COVID? Here’s how to get a COVID recovery certificate on the Al Hosn app

Have you lately received a COVID-19 positive test result? If so, you might be required to show a legal document attesting to your COVID-19 recovery. Users can now download a COVID-19 recovery certificate from the Al Hosn app, which was recently updated. This app is the official COVID-19 registry in the UAE. Here is everything you need to know.

First, what is a certificate of recovery?

Those who have overcome a COVID-19 infection are given the “COVID-19 recovery certificate.” The certificate is good for 90 days globally and 30 days in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to the person’s full name, passport number, Emirates ID number, and date of birth, the certificate includes the following information on the COVID-19 infection:

  • The day the person’s COVID-19 test result was positive.
  • Recovery date.
  • The certificate’s issue date.
  • The certificate’s expiration date.

Why a certificate of recovery is necessary?

Al Hosn app claims that the recovery certificate can be utilized in a number of circumstances where someone wants to show that they tested positive for COVID-19 but have since recovered. This can be needed to apply for exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination, as supporting documentation for the exemption certificate, or simply as general documentation of COVID-19 clearance.

Besides, a passenger can use the “Travel Pass – recovery,” another component of Al Hosn, to demonstrate clearance from COVID-19 when traveling internationally. However, the “Travel Pass – recovery” is only good for 30 days after it is issued, so plan accordingly. To meet COVID-19 travel rules, many nations demand specific documentation from travelers. One possibility is to demonstrate that the person has recently recovered from COVID-19.

How you can get your recovery certificate?

If you recently contracted COVID-19, take these instructions to download the recovery certificate from the Al Hosn app:

  • Log into your Al Hosn app profile.
  • Click the three dots at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Share Recovery Certificate.”
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 more than once, you will see the certificates for each instance. From the list of recovery certificates, pick the appropriate dates.
  • Choose to get the recovery certificate as a PDF download.

How should I use my travel recovery certificate?

To utilize their Al Hosn Travel Pass when traveling abroad, people can have their COVID-19 recovery certificate mirrored on it, according to Al Hosn. The recovery travel pass is approved by the EU for international travel and is good for 90 days. Follow these steps to take advantage of this feature:

  • Log into your Al Hosn app profile.
  • Go to the “Add Pass” screen by swiping.
  • From the list, choose “Travel Pass – Recovery.”
  • Click on “Add Pass.”
  • When traveling, scan the QR code that was generated on the pass.

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