Feel Water in Sky’: Have a look at World’s Highest 360 Degree Infinity Pool in Dubai

What do you want to explore? What do you want to experience? Whatever it may be your one stop destination is none other than Dubai! Dubai is the place which leaves no stone unturned in astonishing us. This time Dubai is back in news for achieving the world’s first and highest 360 degree infinity pool. This pool has been built in the Palm Tower, a residential-hotel building in Dubai. It has been named Aura Skypool.

This pool is gaining attention all around the world. The reason is its height. The pool has been built on the 50th floor of the Palm Tower. It is spread over an area of ​​750 square meters and its height is about 200 meters. To be precise it is located on 50th floor of the Palm Tower. Its structure is such that it can be clearly seen that it seems like hanging.


This pool has been built by Dubai’s famous developer company, Nakheel Properties. For entry here, per person fees will be ranging from AED 170 for morning sessions to AED 600 for full-day VIP access to the entire Aura area. This 360 degree infinity pool will serve you with a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

One part of this pool has been set up for dining and cocktails too. You can enjoy, your choice of international delicacies here. Along with this, the bar has also been prepared. The CEO of Sunset Hospitality, the company that built this pool, says, “Aura Skypool is a different kind of destination for the world and Dubai”.

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This is a 360 degree pool, from here many famous buildings of Dubai can be viewed, like the tallest, Burj Khalifa. It will opened for the public from 10 am. To visit here, you have to choose the morning schedule, afternoon or evening. If you want to enjoy here for whole day long, then you will have to pay for the whole day accordingly.

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